Touring Award

Your Touring Award will give you the personal and decision-making skills to have an enjoyable and safe day out touring. It will give you the confidence to undertake journeys on a river or estuary.

Before paddling you need to ensure you know enough about where you are paddling to keep you safe on the water. You will look at what the weather conditions will be and the likely water quality. As well as ensuring you know of any hazards that there could be on your trip, such as whether you will be paddling on any water with flow.

Who is it for?

You will already have complete command of your craft, and be ready to tackle more challenging stretches of water. Perhaps you want to develop the skills to take family or friends on safe days out, or are thinking of doing a leadership award.

Where do we do this award?

The decision on where to paddle will be subject to weather and environmental conditions. Making a safe plan is a part of the award, so you’ll be involved in the thinking and we’ll make the plan together.

We’ll choose stretches of river with interesting features and some areas of more open water.

What is covered?

Before the trip you will consider

  • The equipment that you will need to take with you to keep you safe and comfortable on the water
  • What food and drink you will need to take with you on your trip. 
  • Access points and best way to get your kit and your boat to and onto the water

On the water we will cover

  • The skills required to ensure you can control your craft and direct it where you wish to go in slightly more challenging environments
  • How you can use the environment to help you paddle the craft efficiently
  • The use of poling techniques, sailing methods and different paddle strokes to ensure you move the craft as efficiently as possible
  • Hazards, obstructions, small gaps
  • How to enter and cross eddy lines and flows to prevent a capsize
  • Skills to help you get out of any difficulty you may find yourself in