Paddlesport Safety and Rescue (PSRC)

PSRC is the Paddle UK (British Canoeing) mandatory requirement for instructors and leaders

Course Content

Clothing and Equipment

  • Craft overview, safety considerations and features
  • Clothing and equipment worn
  • Additional safety equipment
  • Safety frameworks

Sheltered water environment and weather

  • Safety principles
  • Rescue protocols
  • Calling for help
  • Contact and Towing rescues

Assisting swimmers

  • Towing systems
  • Recovering equipment
  • Self-rescues


  • Assisted self-rescues
  • Deep water rescues

Various craft from preferred craft

  • Techniques for getting swimmer out of the water
  • Multiple rescues
  • Unconscious / unresponsive rescues
  • Entrapped rescues

Reflections from the course

  • Reflections on own learning and areas for development
  • Skills checklists